ETB is committed to an interactive design approach throughout the project.  Communication, collaboration, and consensus are the three elements we feel are essential to the planning, design and building process.  The architect is responsible for the finished product, but the design process must include guidance and review by you and representatives from the various agencies.  Our goal is to develop a “partnership” with our clients – a relationship that includes a long-term commitment, trust, and shared vision.

ETB believes architectural design should be an interactive process.  We work closely with you to identify and define all your project goals, objectives, functions, responsibilities, and relationships.  This interactive approach enables us to develop facilities that meet your requirements, as well as being aesthetically distinctive.  Design cannot be mass produced or provided in a “cookie cutter” fashion, it must be developed from scratch with the unique attributes of each individual project in mind.  


Sustainable Design is a direction in architecture that ETB has been practicing for many years.  It is a process that recognizes the interdependence of the built and natural environments; it wants to harness natural energy flows and biological processes, eliminate reliance on fossil fuels and use of toxic materials, while improving resource efficiency.

ETB currently has three employees who are LEED accredited.

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